St. Paul pitches legislation to keep guns out of public facilities after rec center shooting

In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting outside the Oxford Community Center, St. Paul city leaders are proposing a new law that would allow cities to ban guns in their buildings.

The city, in cooperation with Ramsey County, sent draft language “around allowing our facilities to actually ban guns” to the Revisor’s Office on Friday, Ramsey County Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo said Monday morning during an unrelated meeting on property taxes that included representatives from the city, county and school board.

Minnesota allows private businesses and property owners to ban guns on their premises, but government entities can’t prevent permit holders from carrying weapons in public spaces. That includes libraries and recreation centers.

Exavir Binford Jr., who worked at the Oxford Community Center, shot a 16-year-old boy in the head Wednesday following a confrontation outside the rec center, according to attempted murder charges. Binford had a permit to carry a firearm.

MatasCastillo said the city and county have identified a bill sponsor in the House and are working with possible Senate sponsors.

Mayor Melvin Carter has called a news conference for 3 p.m. Monday to “announce next steps related to the shooting.”

He said last week that the city should be able to keep guns out of its facilities.

“Our state law says that as the mayor of the city of St. Paul, as the government of the city of St. Paul, we cannot say you can’t carry a gun in this space,” Carter said. “I think that is a state law that is wrong, that should be changed as quickly as possible.”Related Articles

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