Poor South Africans struggle electricity, fuel, and interest rate spikes

Life is difficult – and expensive – even in the best of times, but many South Africans are currently experiencing an especially difficult time.

Unfortunately, load shedding has become a way of life for every South African, with a record amount of Eskom power outages in 2022 and every day of 2023 already affected.

Coupled with the 1 April 2023 increase in electricity prices (no joke), South Africans will soon be paying even more to be in the dark…

Those in the know predict a 50 basis point increase, adding to the burden of those who are in debt.

Lastly, according to The South African website, the fuel (petrol and diesel) prediction for the month of February is deteriorating daily.

The combination of a weakening rand and a rise in oil costs has a negative impact on the price of gasoline.

With two weeks to go, it is evident that motorists in Mzansi will be spending more of their hard-earned money at the pumps as of February 7 — the only question that remains is “how much more?”

These are only THREE instances of adversity currently – or soon to be – confronting every South African in some way.

There are certainly many, many more.