Pompeo criticizes Biden for the border issue and fentanyl trafficking

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized President Biden for the immigration situation on Sunday, stating that it is evident that the White House has no plans to close the border “to protect American sovereignty.”

Pompeo stated to John Catsimatidis on his WABC radio broadcast, “This is malfeasance.”

The current government has no intention of closing the border to safeguard American sovereignty, according to Pompeo, who is anticipated to run for president in 2024. “Huge costs for the mayor of New York City and other major American cities. That’s not good.”

Since President Biden entered office two years ago, he remarked, the southern United States border has been overwhelmed by migrants.

“Nearly 4 million within the first two years. Oh, my goodness! My native state of Kansas has a little over 3 million people,” Pompeo added, alleging that the open border scenario allows terrorists and drug cartels to access the country.

Since President Biden entered office, the border has been swamped by migrants, according to Mike Pompeo.

This is not the way to care for middle-class Americans who are trying to purchase eggs and milk and put food on the table for their children. The [Trump administration] has proved that it is possible to close the southern border. “We have observed President Biden engage in some level of malfeasance, and he has no intention of ending it,” stated Pompeo.

The influx of fentanyl, a very fatal synthetic opioid, across the Mexican border by Chinese smugglers is particularly concerning, according to Pompeo, who served as CIA director in the Trump administration from 2017 to 2018.

“We attempted to resolve this issue during the Trump administration.” We were unsuccessful in convincing China to alter its actions. However, we were able to block this to a significant degree at our border. Their rationale is straightforward: they perceive a demand in the United States. There are cartels willing to purchase this and transport it from China to the United States via Mexico. “It is a for-profit venture,” Pompeo explained.

He refuted Vice President Kamala Harris’s claim that drug trafficking is linked to the “root causes” of Central and South American immigration.

“We know how to resolve this issue… When Vice President Harris says, “Well, we have to get to the root causes,” he is speaking nonsense. We are able to address this issue. We simply need leadership that is willing to do it,” stated Pompeo.

On January 8, in El Paso, Texas, President Biden speaks with US Customs and Border Protection officers while visiting the US-Mexico border.

In 2022, the Drug Enforcement Administration reported seizing more than 50,6 million fentanyl-free tablets and 10,000 tons of fentanyl powder nationwide.

It was stated that the seizures constitute over 379 million potentially lethal doses of the illegal narcotic, or enough to kill every American.