The Stranger’s Black Arm Makes 2 Rings Of Power Theories More Convincing

Warning: spoilers forward for The Rings of Power episode 5What causes the Stranger’s black arm in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 5, and the way does it issue into the present’s theories surrounding Sauron? Ever because the Stranger (Daniel Weyman) landed in Middle-earth in Amazon’s The Rings of Power, his eerie magical talents have been apparent. Aside from casting highly effective gusts of wind, the Meteor Man by accident broke Nori’s father’s foot, and whispered directions to fireflies who died shortly after. In The Rings of Power episode 5, the Stranger’s wind repels a trio of wolves preying upon the Harfoot wanderers, however this act of heroism leaves his arm unusually blackened.


The Stranger’s black arm provides weight to the widely-held idea that he is truly Sauron. In each The Lord of the Rings and Unfinished Tales, J.R.R. Tolkien describes Sauron as having a blackened hand, implicitly attributable to the pure, magical warmth that his bodily physique emits. The Stranger’s hand turning black after wielding magic in The Rings of Power could show he and Sauron are one and the identical. That prospect begins wanting much more probably when the Stranger makes use of ice to treatment the darkish damage. If Sauron’s pores and skin would flip black due to magical warmth, it stands to motive that magical ice could be the treatment.

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Is The Stranger Using Dark Magic In The Rings Of Power?

The Rings of Power episode 5 additionally helps theories that the Stranger has unknowingly been utilizing darkish magic since he first made landfall. After his frantic stick-waving broke Largo Brandifoot’s ankle and the fireflies he whispered to all perished, many have contemplated whether or not the magic Meteor Man carries is of the darkish selection. J.R.R. Tolkien by no means defines good and dangerous magic in such clear phrases, however he leaves little doubt that the sorcery practiced by villains similar to Morgoth, Sauron and the Witch-king of Angmar is a extra sinister model than somebody of Gandalf’s ilk would make use of. Tolkien additionally by no means specifies that casting darkish magic blackens the person’s hand, however this supposed telltale signal of evil spell customers might be generally discovered all through occult folklore, and would possibly’ve been adopted by The Rings of Power.

The Stranger working towards darkish magic would all however affirm he is a villain of some selection, quashing any theories connecting him to Gandalf, the Valar, different wizards, or any pressure of excellent from Tolkien’s legendarium.

How The Stranger’s Black Arm Connects To The White-Robed Group

The Rings of Power episode 5 lastly introduces the three mysterious white-robed characters seen in trailer footage, and their names are confirmed because the Dweller, the Nomad, and the Ascetic. The trio debuts whereas lurking across the web site Meteor Man crashed, and a close-up of Bridie Sisson’s Dweller reveals ashen-black fingers – markings virtually equivalent to these on the Stranger’s arm. This refined visible element would appear to verify the white-robed trio are in league with whoever fell from the sky – probably religious followers who apply darkish arts in his identify (no matter that could be).

The Stranger’s first response to getting a blackened arm is panicking, earlier than slapping some ice on the damage to heal himself. The Dweller has apparently made no such try and treatment her black fingers, suggesting she’s content material to let the hallmarks of evil unfold freely. These conflicting attitudes communicate to how life among the many Harfoots has introduced out Meteor Man’s softer aspect – to the purpose he even reveals regret for the lifeless fireflies. The Rings of Power raises a significant query: when the Stranger remembers his true id, will he instantly discard the kindness Nori confirmed, or has he ceaselessly been modified by her friendship?

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